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The Effect of Forming a Score-Based Competitive System in a Cyber-Drilling Atmosphere for Learning and Motivation

This research focuses on to carry out a structure, in which the desire of having a high score and seeing the name in the top list is used in web-based drills and helps students to be more willing in test solving. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of  web-based drills on motivation and learning in a competitive atmosphere. Furthermore, the study also attempts to determine if the students’ levels and frequency of using a computer have an effect on the test scores in a web based system.

Over a period of two week application students logged in the system using their own passwords and solve questions whenever they wanted. The names and photographs of the students who achieved the best scores were declared on the school’s website.

In the study, an experimental design has been applied. The data were collected through the database in the web-based drill, pre and post survey to determine the level of and the reasons for students’ use of the website and history common exam results.

According to the findings of the research, the website that has the competitive atmosphere has a positive effect on students’ achievement in their lessons. The application led to a change in students’ aim to visit the website and the frequency of their visits.

Keywords: Competitive, Games, Score, Motivation, Web based drills

Full Text : Bekir Celen IJOHS-408  (PDF)